About Us

We have manufactured, sold, and exported from Portugal the Air Head composting toilet since 2019.

We are an SME focused on our dynamic and competent team, which daily communicates in a relaxed and informal way, motivated by the constant challenges to manufacturing our products with the highest quality for all of Europe.

As a result of the growth in the European market, we have manufactured, sold, and exported the Air Head composting toilet from Portugal since 2019, a product that has been on the market since 2001.

The quality of the final product is the result of the vast know-how of our parent company in the USA, the use of the most recent production technologies, and the close work of our technical team.


Spread the use of composting toilets in leisure activities.
Establish a shift towards a lifestyle more aware of the increasingly fragile environment surrounding us.
We are adopting a circular economy system to create the least possible environmental impact on the production of our products.


Assuming responsibility for the product we produce, we aim to continually grow and improve our practices and procedures and propose and introduce new and better products to the market with social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Our values

Sustainable Economy 80%
Environmental Awareness 100%
Energy Efficiency 72%
New Tecnologies 87%

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