How to install an Air Head Composting Toilet?

The Air Head comes with everything you need.

You can install the Air Head toilet in just a few hours.

Everything you need is included except:

- The outer vent cap;
- The electrical system you connect it up to;
-The spray bottle for “washing” and the coco coir you fill it with.
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Follow step by step

Place your Air Head in the desired location.

Check that it is level and that you can use the lid and the crank handle without problems.

Mark the location of the four angled brackets to secure the solids tank and the liquids bottle.

Remove the unit but keep the angled brackets in their marked positions. Mark where the provided screws should go.

Attach the angle bracket to the surface where the toilet will be.

Put the toilet in place and check that everything fits as it should.

Place the ring with the mosquito net in one of the ventilation holes in the bowl, the upper part of the Air Head.

Install the cuff for the vent hose into the opposite hole at the bowl:

  1. Pull the O-ring to the wide end of the cuff.
  2. Insert the cuff into the hole
  3. Glue the supplied gray PVC ring with PVC glue or a good super glue
  4. When dry, snap back the O-ring into place towards the bowl. The cuff should now be tight and rotate.

Drill a hole for ventilation to the outside, the size may be from 60mm to 90mm in diameter. You may use an existing hole if it is within that measurement.

Install a separately purchased vent cover to protect against the ingression of water

Place the fan in the fan Place the fan in the fan housing and secure the fan housing with the included screws with the seal in between.

Install the second mosquito net at the end of the hose that connects to the cuff in the bowl.

Run the vent hose from the toilet cuff in the bowl on one end to the fan housing on the other.

Connect the fan to a 12v battery, with an appropriate fuse in the middle. You may install a power switch that can be helpful sometimes.

For more detailed instructions...

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