Air Head Composting Toilet

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When ordering please specify:

  1. Fan Housing Option
  2. Seat type, (household or marine)
  3. Crank handle side (A or B).  A side is on the left when facing the toilet
  4. Right angle or straight fan housing
  5. Flat Back (standard) or Hull Shape Solids Tank
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The toughest Composting Toilet
in the World

The Composting Toilet was designed to separate urine automatically, giving it several advantages. The Air Head toilet has been on the market since 2001, continuously developed, and has proven its worth thousands of times since then. 

However, it is a dry composting toilet with a real toilet seat, which provides a high level of seating comfort. Both the seat and the lid are equipped with a rubber seal to prevent insect ingress. 

The total absence of odors makes its use in small spaces very convenient.

The quality and meticulous construction makes its durability give us the confidence to establish a guarantee of use for five years.

The Air Head Composting Toilet does not require water for flushing, it has no chemicals in the holding tank, and there are no unpleasant odors between emptying cycles or during emptying.

The airhead requires little space and can be accommodated in the smallest rooms thanks to simpler assembly. The design is extremely practical, making it the smallest dry sorting toilet with composting function on the market, and at 8.5 kg, it is also the lightest.

The materials used make the Air Head Composting Toilet particularly robust and valuable. All metal parts used are stainless steel.

Air Head Composting Toilet can be installed in a few hours.

The Air Head Composting Toilet is compact and has a considerable capacity, up to 80 uses.

Two different toilet seats, crank, and fan mounting options make installation extremely flexible. A smaller urine tank that closes at the front with the toilet is available for particularly tight-fitting situations.

It is made of materials that are easy to separate and recycle at the end of their long life span.

How can the Air Head be configured?

it is possible to customize the Air Head Composting Toilet in almost every way!

Liquid Bottle Size

Air Head Composting Toilet - Liquid Bottle Size

7 or 3 liters

The larger urine tank should be emptied approximately every two days with regular two-person toilet use. With the small urine tank, the toilet can be accommodated to save space, but it needs to be emptied almost daily.

Seat Type

Air Head Composting Toilet - Household or Marine

Household or Marine

With the larger Household seat, the seating comfort is higher, but the space required for the toilet is also larger. With the smaller marine seat, the toilet can be installed in tighter places.

Tank Type

Air Head Composting Toilet - Tank Type

Flat Back or Hull Shape

In most applications, the Flat Back version is the best choice. When installed in a boat, the Hull Shape version adapts to the hull’s shape and saves some space.

Ventilation Hose

Air Head Composting Toilet - Ventilation Hose

Left or Right

The ventilation hose can be mounted on both sides of the toilet, giving more choices for a better installation.

Fan Housing Option

Fan Housing Option

Straight or Angled

The fan is mounted in a housing directly on a wall or roof to the outside. Depending on the installation situation, there is a straight or angled fan housing to choose from.

Crank Handle

Crank Handle

Left or Right

Intuitively, the right position (seen from the front) is best for right-handers. If space conditions require, the crank can also be ordered on the left. The crank is mounted asymmetric, so it takes less space to use. It is not interchangeable.

Simple Maintenance, Easy to Use and Install!

The Air Head Composting Toilet
comes with Everything You Need!

Additional information


Plastic/Stainless steel

Solid Tank Capacity

18 Liters

Exhaust Hose Diameter

Approximately 48 mm

Fan Accommodation

Outside diameter: 125 mm | Internal Diameter: 80 mm | Height: 70mm


8,5Kg to 10,5Kg (depending on model)

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